Handmade Dice FAQ

Handmade dice are different than the chessex set you started playing with ages ago- we've compiled a list of the questions we hear often so that you have the facts before you place your order!

Disclaimer: If you seek absolutely perfect edges, unblemished mirror shined faces, and will accept nothing less- these are not the dice for you. Each of our sets is thoughtfully crafted, and designed to be beautiful and functional, but we don't get bogged down trying to mimic the precision that machines produce (after all, these are done by hand, and we want to show that). Our Pyramid D4s are the most guilty culprits, and are included more as a courtesy than anything else. If you have questions about a particular set, please don't hesitate to reach out to thebardandthebarbarian@gmail.com

Q: What are they made of?

A: These dice are hand cast resin. They've been colored with alcohol inks, mica powders, and various inclusions to give them uniquely beautiful appearances. Resin is slightly heavier than acrylic.

Q: I noticed a flaw, how'd that happen?

A: Since these are all made by hand, no two sets are ever exactly alike. We're not obsessed with the perfection of each individual die here at B&B, and we care far more about the overall beauty of a set. Our Pyramid D4s are particularly finicky- we mainly include them as a courtesy for folks who prefer it to the shard d4.

Q: Are they balanced?

A: No. Do not ask again. We literally made a sticker for this.

Q: How are the dice shipped?

A: The dice are shipped in a drawstring bag, then padded within a padded mailer for domestic orders. International orders may be sent in a box for additional protection. NOTE: We have no control over additional customs fees or duties imposed on packages crossing borders. 

Q: How do I care for my dice?

A: Resin is a durable material, however, you won't want to leave it out in the sun, as it can discolor. The dice should do just fine in a dice bag, however, we recommend storing them away from other dice or objects that may scratch them. There is no strict need for a dice tray, however, it's always recommended to keep from rolling off the table!